Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"St. Jerome boldly stated, 'Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.' With genuine enthusiam I give my heartfelt endorsement to this CWBS Bible Study Series. Each presentation fully breaks open the richness of God's Word using patristic and modern critical sources and applies the Word to our daily lives. The presenter, Lavinia Spirito, engages her listeners' heads and hearts with the biblical truths that further our continuing faith formation, evangelization and community building. May these presentations give a wide audience easy access to serious and fruitful Scripture study. May you come to a fuller grasp of the life-giving knowledge of Jesus Christ."

Steve RayAuthor and Speaker,"Crossing The Tiber", "The Footprints of God", DVD Series

"Good Catholic Bible studies have been hard to find in past years. Happily, that is changing -- in part due to the excellent work of Lavinia Spirito and the Catholic Way Bible Study. She brings her detail as a lawyer together with her deep spirituality and love of Scripture to provide Catholics with just the perfect recipe of solidly orthodox teaching, rich content, and ease-of-use. I highly recommend the CWBS Bible Studies to anyone interested in personal or group studies."

Jayne Morris, DRESt. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Lexington, KY

"In Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops asks us to “…strengthen our commitment and intensify our efforts to help the adults in our communities be touched and transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus, to explore its meaning, experience its power, and live in its light as faithful adult disciples today.” (no. 183)

Catholic Way Bible Study is committed to that effort and has been a great blessing to me and to all who have made a personal pledge to participate.  Lavinia Spirito presents in an understandable and engaging way, the depths of the Scriptures, giving insight into the lives, the times, the languages, the signs, and many other aspects of a solid Bible study.

During the small group discussions you are surrounded by faith-filled men and women and have the opportunity to listen to the wisdom of others and to share what you have learned.

No matter whether you are a “novice” or a “seasoned” student of the Bible, Catholic Way Bible Study can be an effective way to be transformed by the message of Jesus and give you the tools to share His message with others."

TraciBeaumont, Texas

"CWBS has flung open wide the doors of my life to the power of the Holy Spirit. It has been a life changing bible study for me. Lavinia's teaching of the true Catholic faith and her use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church has practical application to my everyday life."

Mary EllenLexington, KY

"As a cradle Catholic my knowledge of the Bible was limited. Through participating in CWBS, I have found the most precious "pearl of great price." The living, breathing word of God now speaks to me everyday of my life and is a light for my path. Praise the Lord."

Julie Lexington, Kentucky

"A friend who is a CWBS attendee, saw me and just said ‘you should really come to the Bible study’ with such sincerity that I couldn’t resist! I was ready to make the commitment and it has changed my life in so many ways. At first, (just 3 years ago) I would describe this class as ‘more of a history’ class. Now, I can say to anyone, ‘I am in love with my Lord’! I give thanks every day for my faith! Of course, I also must work every day of my life to grow my faith and to nurture it. I understand what it means to hunger for the Word. I see that starting my day with God is the most important thing I can do!"