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Lavinia Spirito, Teaching Leader

Welcome to the Catholic Way Bible Study Community to Page.  Through these links you can access the Study Resources for the Christ The King Bible Studies:

As of 11/1/19 see for the Study Questions.
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"CWBS re-ignites my faith each week."

"Catholic Way Bible Study is intense, deep and rewarding. I've learned so much - thank you!"

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Why Study the Bible?

The study of the sacred Scriptures must be a door opened to every believer. It is essential that the revealed word radically enrich our catechesis and all our efforts to pass on the faith. Evangelization demands familiarity with God’s word, which calls for dioceses, parishes and Catholic associations to provide for a serious, ongoing study of the Bible, while encouraging its prayerful individual and communal reading. We do not blindly seek God, or wait for him to speak to us first, for “God has already spoken, and there is nothing further that we need to know, which has not been revealed to us”. Let us receive the sublime treasure of the revealed word.

Pope Francis, " Evangelii Gaudium," 175

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  • Testimonials

    Ralph Martin, S.T.D.
    Director Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Archdiocese of Detroit: "Lavinia Spirito does a truly excellent job in unfolding the great wealth of God’s Word in ways that ordinary people can understand ...”

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  • Testimonials

    Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: “St. Jerome boldly stated, 'Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.'" With genuine enthusiam I give my heartfelt endorsement to this CWBS Bible Study Series. Each presentation fully breaks open the richness of God's Word using patristic and modern...”

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